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New Carriage Report and a Review of Little Freddie King’s Latest Album

by admin May 29, 2010

We have created a new carriage report page that has a very concise table showing all the radio stations that will air Still Singing the Blues. You can access it at the following link: In other news, Offbeat Magazine, one of our favorite arbiters of good taste in all things important, has recently come […]

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More Stations Pick Us Up

by admin May 28, 2010

Still Singing the Blues has been picked up by Red River Radio in Shreveport, LA; WNCU in Durham, N.C.; and KEOS in College Station, Texas. Also, WRKF in Baton Rouge has told us they will broadcast Still Singing the Blues as well. Our fellow Durhamites know that WNCU has a strong and dedicated blues audience—not […]

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Radio debut for Still Singing the Blues

by admin May 26, 2010

We have just received word that Still Singing the Blues will make its first local debut on KRVS 88.7 FM. the public radio station in Lafayette, Louisiana. KRVS has scheduled the broadcast for Friday, June 4th at 12:05 p.m. CST. The placement of the program at that time brings it to one of their largest […]

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