Still Singing the Blues was produced and written by Richard Ziglar and Barry Yeoman. This website was created by Richard Ziglar. All photographs were taken by Barry Yeoman unless otherwise noted.

Project director Richard Ziglar is an audio documentarian whose credits include Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions; AARP’s Prime Time Radio; American Public Media’s “The Story”; and the North Carolina Arts Council.

Reporter Barry Yeoman, a former Louisianan, is a freelance journalist who writes for O, The Oprah Magazine; AARP The Magazine; Audubon Magazine; OnEarth; and Good Housekeeping. Ziglar and Yeoman can be reached at

We are indebted to Ben Sandmel, Karen Leathem and Michael Hurtt, who, through their contributions as humanities consultants, enriched our experience and made this project larger and more generous than we could have imagined.

Thanks to the staff at two radio stations, KRVS and WRKF, who showed enormous confidence in our ability to produce a broadcast-worthy documentary.

Still Singing the Blues is sponsored by Filmmakers Collaborative, a non-profit support organization for independent media makers. The documentary is financed, in part, by a generous grant from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

We appreciate everyone who helped match our grant from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. We are particularly grateful to these major donors:

Anonymous, in honor of Bethany Bultman
Keith A. Caruso, M.D., PLC • Tom Colton and Ellen Simms
Rebecca Skloot • Steven Stichter • Vaguely Reminiscent, Durham, N.C.
The Yeoman Family in Merrick, N.Y.

We appreciate Guitar Joe Daniels of Joe’s House of Blues and O.D. Raiford of  Young at Heart Club, both in New Orleans, for opening up their clubs to us, along with the Keith Lewis Blues Revue, which played regularly at Young at Heart during our research period. Other clubs where we recorded include The Place to Be, B.J.’s Lounge, Margaritaville, and d.b.a. (all in New Orleans) and Club Infiniti in Baton Rouge.

Special thanks to everyone who assisted with the production of this documentary:

David Alvarez • Barry Ancelet • Julia Botero • Andy Cornett (R.I.P.)
Jamie Dell’Apa • Kat Dobson • Tim Duffy • Deb Fleming
Stephen Fowlkes • David Gordon • Jordan Hirsch • Ivan Klisanin
David Kunian • Walker Lasiter • Rachel McCarthy
Judith Meriwether • Jerry Moran • Rachel Nederveld • Ike Padnos
Johnny Palazzotto • Liz Rhine • Michael Sartisky
David Spizale • Dave Tilley • Wacko Wade
Rich Wilson • Randall Williams

Most of all, thanks to the musicians and others whom we interviewed for this documentary, often for hours at a stretch. Their contribution to Louisiana’s (and America’s) cultural scene has been immeasurable, and too often under-recognized.