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Creating a documentary is a very labor-intensive process.  During three trips to Louisiana, Barry and Richard  gathered more than 90 hours of tape to log and process.  Just the logging takes a long time; trying to distill all that great tape into two one-hour documentaries is a huge task.  The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities provided funding for half of the original project budget, which is based on the production of one one-hour documentary.  Another 17% of the original budget has been met through individual contributions from listeners like you.

In addition, the project has been expanded to include a second hour. Presently, there is no additional funding for the incremental production costs of that second hour.  If you enjoy this documentary, and want to hear more documentaries like it on public radio, please consider donating to the Still Singing the Blues project.  You can make a tax-deductible contribution to this project through Filmmaker’s Collaborative, a media art non-profit that encourages the creation of documentaries like these.

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Finally, if you really care about this music and culture, please support your favorite blues artists by buying their CDs and going to their performances.  If they are passing a tip jar at a gig, please contribute!  That tip jar is the only way a lot of musicians make money these days, especially if there is no cover charge.  We have provided links to blues venues and CDs you can purchase from featured artists here: Learn More.