I’ve Got a Twenty-Room House

April 1, 2010

Here at Still Singing the Blues World Headquarters, we’re busy writing scripts, assembling audio, and attending to all the details involved in producing a radio documentary. Sometimes, though, when the minutia gets too great, we dream of being back at Young at Heart Club.

Young at Heart, as you read here, is one of the homey neighborhood clubs that continue to nurture New Orleans’ blues and R&B scene without advertising or otherwise calling attention to themselves. Located in the Pigeontown neighborhood, it has operated for decades—until recently, under the name H&H Lounge. Every Sunday evening, Young at Heart hosts the Keith Lewis Blues Revue, featuring R&B vocalist Tommy Singleton. A few dozen regulars who know the band’s repertoire gather each week, and they’re not shy about calling out requests or eating the homemade (and free) food that owner O.D. Raiford provides.

This week, drummer Keith Lewis sent us a video that captured one evening at Young at Heart. Here are a few minutes of that video, which was shot by Lawrence Panna. Singleton, whom we interviewed, sings “I’ve Got a Twenty-Room House,” the Bob Johnson-Sam Mosley song popularized by Bobby “Blue” Bland. Playing guitar is John T. Lewis, whom we also interviewed. (He’s in the white shirt and black hat, visible at 1:50.)

Twenty-Room House from Barry on Vimeo.

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