Allons à Lafayette

December 1, 2010

Note: The date of this broadcast has changed to Dec. 17 at 12 noon Central Time.

KRVS, the public radio station in Lafayette, Louisiana, will broadcast “Crescent City Blues” on Friday, December 10, at 12 noon Central Time. The broadcast will wrap up Raoul Breaux’s popular show “Blues Box.”

When I was a young journalist, fresh out of college in 1982 my first job was in at a weekly newspaper Lafayette. For three years my radio was tuned constantly to KRVS, which introduced me to the world of Cajun and zydeco music. The programming has expanded since then and now includes Louisiana genres like jazz and swamp pop, along with more international music. Loyalty to KRVS is fierce in the Cajun-Creole country of South Louisiana, and for good reason.

Richard and I are particularly grateful to KRVS for writing our first letter of support to the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, which helped us secure the grant for this project.

If you live nearby, you can listen at 88.7 FM. Otherwise, tune in at

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