Meet us at the Creole Stomp

September 1, 2010

Attention, Northern Sacramento Valley: Tonight (Sept. 1) and next Wednesday (Sept. 8), KZFR, the community radio station in Chico, California, will broadcast Still Singing the Blues. The show will air on Creole Stomp, a program dedicated to the zydeco and Cajun music of South Louisiana. Catch the documentary at 10 p.m. at 90.1 FM on online at

KZFR is true community radio: Most of the programming is locally produced, and it reflect the diversity of Northern California. There is programming by and for the local Hmong community, and a show that offers “spiritual enlightenment for youth with a combination of Chicano hip-hop and culture.” Here’s a bit of the station’s history:

Erik Mathisen is known as the Founding Father of KZFR. What he originally set out to do in 1981 was to build a translator service to bring the signal of KPFA from Berkeley to the North State. His project veered off in a new direction when a KPFA volunteer asked, “Instead of taking our programming, wouldn’t it be better to create programming that reflects your community?” At that moment Erik Mathisen set his sights on building a community radio station in Chico. It took nine years to secure the necessary permits and finances to build the station.

The station’s web site also mentions a time when “programmers used to tape their shows, someone would drive up to the transmitting tower with the tape, and play the tape at our tower in order to broadcast the program.”

So tune in, this week or next, to the Creole Stomp.

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