“Today’s ‘the invisible men'”

August 5, 2010

We were touched by WWOZ DJ Jamie Dell’Apa’s kind words about Still Singing the Blues, which aired Tuesday night on New Orleans’ community radio station. In his blog, Dell’Apa described listening to the show while driving home from Baltimore. Describing the musicians profiled in the documentary—Carol Fran, Harvey Knox and Little Freddie King—he wrote:

Outside of the Europeans and WWOZ, these treasures are today’s “the invisible men.” Some unfortunate day, a hip obituary writer will tells us what we missed and the culture vultures turned necrophiliacs will hear the cue for a round of self-serving ex post facto tributes. Tributes that begs the question, “Where was the appreciation when these musicians were amongst us?” Ziglar and Yeoman’s documentary is that appreciation.

Dell’Apa interviewed us last January, when we were still researching the documentary.

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